Get to know us.

Capote is a brand marked by the wild and diverse character of the balearic island Ibiza. Always focused on creating artisanal frames with authentic personality just like the island itself, mesmerising and attracting customer with its essence and culture around the world.

Capote captures maverick frames with unique shapes inspired by the wilderness, intense power and magic of the island and creates eyewear with a strong attitude to please the wearer; to give each individual an exceptional look to express themselves. Especially the handcrafted frames have great recognition value and display the character and personality of the Designer.

The spirit of Capote derives from the karma life philosophy, striving for a simplified and minimalistic attitude towards life.

β€˜β€™Creativity, willpower, perseverance and dreams. We are free souls in earthly bodies, living on this planet, breaking the laws of the universe, evolving and leaving a mark on our way.’’